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100% originality

The originality of every paper is mandatory for our service. To make sure that all our writers follow these requirements, we scrutinize every ready piece thoroughly. Our documents pass any plagiarism check successfully.

Qualified team

The company collaborates with professionals only. Our current team includes many hundred experienced writers, and we also hire expert editors. This way, we guarantee the best quality results for any paper.

Free features

Our company adds free features to every order. When you request any academic paper writing, we compile the references section for free and add the title page. We also proofread every paper professionally and format it in the necessary style. Free revisions are the default for every customer. If the result of our work does not satisfy you, we'll revise it free of charge.


Our service is 100% private. Don't worry about the communication – we keep it under digital protection and accept anonymity as the default mode. All your data are safe, and we never share any information about our users. 

Refund Policy

You have full control over your payment, and pay if only you accept the result. If it does not meet your criteria and instructions, we'll refund your money. 

Low fees

We keep our rates lower than average. The price starts at 10$ per page, and you can also get personal discounts. Any paper can be cheaper than you'd expect. 

Meeting the deadlines

We are incredibly concerned about meeting deadlines. Whether you set an extended timeframe or need the result in several hours, we focus on the task and complete it by the deadline. You will get your research paper within the shortest timeframe available if you choose it.

Round-the-clock support

The support managers are available at any time of day or night. We have the best-trained people to resolve any issues you might face and answer all your questions. Feel free to address the Support via the Live Chat to communicate in real-time. 

Discounts and other benefits

There are several types of discounts for the new clients and the regular, returning customers. Our goal is to provide the best service at an affordable rate. You can get a reduced price for your orders.


The best write my paper service features

✔ Speedy fulfillment for urgent orders
✔ Constant communication with your author
✔ Money-back guarantees for each task
✔ VIP-support for every customer
✔ Reasonable prices that everyone can afford


Discounts are personal in our service. The first option is to get a discount from the writer. You'll see the service price in the author's proposition, and you can negotiate it. Also, we have promo campaigns and can praise you with a personal discount from the company. Our customer support will gladly provide you with more information.

It is possible for smaller papers like essays or shorter research papers. Quality writing demands time. That's why we set longer default timeframes for such cases as term paper or dissertations. However, essays are more modes in size, and our specialists cope with such jobs within a couple of hours.

Yes, we include free services into every order package. First of all, it is proofreading and text formatting in the required style. Also, we add the title page and bibliography list in the right format to your paper free of charge. Finally, you can request a free revision, should you find the delivered paper mismatching your requirements.

Our service is absolutely legit. We compose academic papers on demanded subjects and topics. The authors waive their ownership, and the pieces they create become your possession. You are their only owner and the author for the rest of the world. So, you can use these documents as you wish.

Absolutely. Confidentiality is the pillar of our service. We keep all our communications secret and never collect any more information that is necessary. No one of our writers has access to your data, and we protect the collected information securely. Be sure that your details will never get to the third parties, and no one will know about our cooperation.

Write my paper for me: whenever you need quality work and exclusive service – count on us!

A paper writing service is a life ring for college students in many cases. Students are different, but they are not lazy or ignorant. Becoming a college student is a severe multi-staged quest. A person must be very dedicated, all-around, and also pay enormous effort during the application process. Add the fact that enrolling in college is the next step after years of focused studies in school, and you can see: college students have nothing to do with laziness. On the other hand, college life is much more complicated in many aspects. Every day, a student tests their knowledge, skills, patience, and health. You have to be brilliant in studies, do loads of independent homework, and serve many other duties. Under these conditions, it is almost impossible to fit everything into the limited 24 hours. The time machine is not yet available. Thus, students welcome any opportunity letting them keep afloat. There is nothing criminal in asking for assistance and getting help until you use that help for self-improvement. It is the most common reason to address writing services. When you have such a partner, college life might become more as you imagined it.

The WriteMyPaperNew service gets you the research paper help you seek

Trained paper writers can cope with the task if you can't or won't, for some reason, do them yourself. You might not have time for some particular assignment because of other tasks. Still, our writers can accept the order from you, and they will focus on it entirely. Our service implies collaboration with full-time writers. Another cause is quite typical as well – many students don't have the necessary expertise to produce the paper on the required academic level. In such a case, when you collaborate with an online paper writer from our company, you get the specialist by your side. All our authors are experienced researchers, and the paper help is always of the highest quality. The opportunity to cooperate with an experienced paper helper is a great learning option too. When you need, write my paper, you get more than a ready piece of writing. We bring our qualifications and expertise in all fields to you.

What we provide for the write my paper request

  • We treat each assignment separately
  • We take care of every detail
  • We cover all subjects and academic levels
  • Our team includes both writers and editors
  • The full service package: from research to final polished paper

How will you work on my assignment?

Our approach is similar for both a modest-size essay or an extended term paper writing help. We start by conducting new research and explore the most trustworthy and up-to-date sources. Then, we outline the future piece to develop the right logical structure. The "write my paper" activity itself will match the academic style defaults. After the writer finishes the work, the paper undergoes proofreading. The final stage is checking for plagiarism. What we guarantee is that you get a full paper that you can submit as is.

If you write my paper for a cheap cost, can it reduce the quality?

Best research paper help for low prices became our motto. We know how many expenses an average college student has. Thus, our goal is to keep prices at a reasonable level for any student. At the same time, writemypapernew.com cares much about work quality. We don't believe that a high price is equal to top quality. If you get the possibility to have the assignment completed for a cheap cost – you will still obtain an excellent quality of performance.

The quality guarantees for the expert paper writing help

People who choose to write papers for money as their full-time job have many responsibilities. The most crucial is that they become responsible for other people's success or failure. At our company, people are an essential asset. It relates to all aspects of our work – writing, text polishing, customer care, quality assurance, and website operation. The "write my papers" request is not limited to the job of writing. There are all the other procedures to make our collaboration comfortable and safe for you. Thus, we hire the most skilled experts to deal with any issue arising in our business processes.

How do you select people to write my papers?

From the beginning, our paper writing service focused on getting the best people on board. Now, we employ more than five hundred professional authors. Many of them are ex-tutors themselves. Therefore, they concern about such aspects of college paper help that you might not even think of. When we receive a new writer's application, the candidate's evaluation process starts. First, we check the writer's degree, as we employ the degree holders only. Then, we check the candidate's portfolio to estimate the writing level. If these data satisfy us, we test the candidate's knowledge of English in real-time. The last stage is writing a test essay for a short deadline. As you see, it is not a trifle to become a part of our team. But it guarantees that you will work with a top pro whenever you apply for the "write my paper" task.

Can I choose the writer myself?

At writemypapernew.com, you choose your author. Our model supposes that you receive propositions from many writers to finish the job for you. Each proposition describes the conditions and prices. You also get information about every writer. This way, you select the person whose qualification, rankings, and offer suits you best of all.

Do you guarantee to write my papers for any topic?

The necessity to pay someone to write my paper often arises when students can't meet the task requirements. It could be a lack of expertise on the topic, or some difficulties with the particular format, or else. In our company, we have specialists in all subjects. Their academic training lets them make any such assignment much better than a student would do. Thus, you will always get responses to your order and work with an expert on the task.

I need a flawless paper!

Though the qualifications of our writers are high, people are not robots. That's why the Quality Assurance team scrutinizes every result our authors produce. The "write my paper" request must get a flawless response in content, structure, and style. All these aspects get under close examination. You may not worry about the quality. Ask us, do my paper, and the result will be impeccable.

What if the paper does not satisfy me?

We deliver the paper to you as soon as it is ready. Then, you should read it and estimate if it matches your requirements. If you find any mismatches or other drawbacks – request a revision. The writemypapernew.com ensures free revisions for your paper. Just be sure to point all the sections that need amendments, and the writer will correct them at once.

The Write My Essay For Me service: our work ethics pillars

No one would argue that any paper writing service's primary aim is to write academic papers for any request. To make this process smooth and beneficial, we pay all attention to such critical aspects as our service's on-time delivery and safety. When you require, write my paper for cheap cost, you'll get it together with our guarantees. Our primary goal is to help you get rid of all concerns.

How safe is it to order papers from you?

The "write my paper" business rests on safety. Getting the service must be safe and convenient, and "safety" relates to several aspects. For us, it is ensuring digital protection for all your data, as any online business implying direct personal communication and payments must be 100% safe. We implement the most secure digital means to keep our cooperation secure. All your payments come through SSL connection and the most reliable international payment processors. We also guarantee that your details are hidden, and we never share anything with third-parties.

Will you write my paper for me fast?

Urgent orders come regularly. Students need the job done overnight or even within several hours. So, we set the minimum deadline for an essay as three hours. Our proficient writers are more than capable of doing the essay within a couple of hours without losing quality. No matter which deadline you set, you'll get the result by that time.

Should I be concerned about plagiarism?

Our company operates in the field of academic tutoring. Thus, we are aware of all the academic requirements and sins. Plagiarism can never happen in the best paper writing service works. For our team, it is a mandatory requirement. Each writer does the "write my paper" job from scratch. However, the Quality Assurance department also checks the ready paper for plagiarism – it might be unintentional. We never deliver a paper that can't pass the most thorough plagiarism check. All our pieces are original in every phrase.

Write my paper: how much will I pay you to write my essay for me?

Money is a critical factor for all students. College life involves lots of expenses, and we all seek the opportunity to save money. The "write my paper for me" order is a paid service, but it does not mean it is expensive. We do provide decent compensation to our employees for their knowledge and skills. At the same time, we developed a pricing system that makes our services affordable to all customers.

Standard rates and discounts

The final amount to pay for any task is individual. It depends on the assignment's difficulty, the academic level, the size, and the deadline. A cheap essay writing service comes for the orders with the most extended deadlines. Also, we provide the opportunity to discuss the order and its price with the author directly. You can request, write my paper for cheap, and get a reasonable price that you can easily afford.

Let us take care about your academic success!

Many students face the same dilemma. You can fail the task or submit a mediocre result that won't help you improve your records. Or, you can apply to the "pay someone to write my paper" option. The latter is the way out in any circumstances. You get the job done on time, according to your instructions and highest academic standards. While the paper writing services work on your assignments, you can use that time and freedom as you wish. Our company is always at your service. Let us know when you have anything to delegate to us.

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